Trip to New York State

Owner of Farmland Outfitters and friend Mark, with 25 lb tom with a 8 ½ inch beard

Traveled to New York for May 1st opening day turkey season for my second time. My first trip a few years earlier turned out to be a great experience filling my two spring turkey tags. Shooting two jakes, which I felt was great for my first trip.

This trip my intenseness was to hold out for bigger birds. Well I wasn’t disappointed. Opening morning seen one hen and had what we had thought was a mature tom by the actions of the turkey. We got him into about 60 yards but held up in a thorn thicket and never got a look at him.

Next morning we decided to change locations were it wasn’t long after day break the first hen appeared. And not long after the first call from a male turkey started. Shortly after that two turkeys began to call. Then out of know where they appeared; but it was two jakes so I decided to wait for a tom. Shortly after that the hen started to move of with the two jakes on her tail. Then out of know where a bird appeared. Not able to tell what it was threw the trees. Then the bird gobbled and his long beard was hanging below his neck. We began calling but to no luck he was hot on the hen as well. So my buddy mark from New York said “if you want him go get him”. So I crawled on my stomach for about 20 yards while Mark kept calling. Just as I got to the rock the hen began moving back towards the rock. The tom was still about 60 yards away. The hen was getting closer and closer. I thought for sure she was going to bust me. She got at about 10 yards of to my right, as the tom was still some distance away. So just as I thought the hunt was over the hen held up and the tom began to move towards me. The tom got within in range, which seemed like forever. Just then the hen started towards me again. So it was now or never the tom gobbled and stuck his head out past the tree as the roar of the 12 gauge rang through the woods. It was over my first mature tom with one more to go.

The next day was a shopping and rest day as the rain came down. After supper that evening we decide to head back to where the male turkey held up on us the first morning. But we would head up behind where the tom held up the other morning to see if we could get a look at that bird. It wasn’t long and we had some action a doe and three fawns came out to see what the morning had to offer. After they left it wasn’t long when mark stated ” here comes a hen, then no it’s a tom get ready he’s a strut in”. Mark kept on the call and the tom in full strut just kept on coming. When the bird got to where I could take the shot it was less then 20 yards. So as the tom gave me a shot I squeezed off the shot taking my second mature tom and filling my two spring turkey tags yet again. Now that is a hunting trip to remember good times, great friends and memories to last a lifetime. My next trip will be even better as I take my oldest son Riley to hunt for his first turkey. I’m already counting the days and I know Riley is as well. Thanks once again to Mark and his family.


Second tom of the trip weighing 20 lbs with a 9 ½ inch beard

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