2013 Bear Season 100% Success

Bear season for 2013 delivered a 100% success rate! One of the highlights was guiding our first female rifle hunter, a 68 yr old visiting from New Jersey. Pat had tried hunting big game before coming to Nova Scotia. Her excitement after getting her first bear was an unforgettable experience. [Read Testimonial]

Patrica Lonon

Patrica Lonon of New Jersy

Bears harvested this year weighed up to 395 lbs with an estimated skull of 19 1/2”  after the drying period. This bear was taken by a gentleman from New York. [Read Testimonial]

Joe Randazzo

Joe Randazzo of New York

A grandfather and grandson enjoyed a Moose hunt in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, October 2013. They were thrilled to see three moose the first morning. The young man scored his first big game animal on this adventure!


Prospects for deer season this year look great.

Check out the pictures from the trail camera.

  • trailcamwn3
  • trailcamwn2
  • trailcamwn1


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