Experience I’ll Never Forget


I’d like to thank you and everyone at Farmland Outfitters, for making my week there an experience I’ll never forget. This was my first trip to Nova Scotia and first bear hunt. I was amazed by the beauty of the area,the lakes,rolling hills and blueberry fields. Everyone was so friendly and worked so hard to take care of the hunters in camp. The cooks, were great and after tasting the moose steaks,another item has been added to my bucket list,a moose hunt.

I enjoyed looking at the trail camera pictures of bears and going with you to set up and bait some sites. I’ve only been shooting a bow for a few years. As a result I wasn’t sure how I’d react nerve wise when a bear came in. The bear came in close to last light and I can’t remember the last time my heart beat so hard. The bear grabbed something out of the barrel and then laid down behind the barrel, preventing an ethical shot. This gave me time to calm down and when it got up, I was able to make a double lung shot.

I’m having a bear rug made from the hide and my family has been enjoying the jerky and roast. Thanks again for everything and I hope to come back again someday.

Ron Hagerty, Ohio

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