Whitetail Bucks


First, I would like to thank Dave for his 100% effort to make this special hunt successful.

If you want to see deer everyday with Farmland Outfitters it is going to happen. I had a bucks within 8 yards.
Farmland outfitter offers tree stands that are well blended with the surroundings. The deer have no idea you are there!

Dave works hard staying on those allusive whitetails.Starting at 5:30 am, he is was always on time for our departure.
He never stops trying for the ultimate whitetail encounter. I couldn’t believe all the effort he put into it.
All his effort allowed me to harvest my buck.

I have tried a few outfitters and Farmland Outfitter offers not only good game but much more. If you’re searching for hunting nearby all accommodations, it’s the place.

Book with Dave, it’s a very enjoyable adventure.

Michel Galluchon, New Brunswick

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