In order to qualify for a hunting license in Nova Scotia for Small Game for persons 12 years of age or older (12 – 16 years with guardian) or Big Game for persons 16 years of age or older (16 – 18 years with a guardian), you are required to have a Nova Scotia Firearm Hunting certificate. If you have taken a hunter safety course, or you have purchased a hunting license else where, then you qualify.

The cost of your License is not included in our Package pricing.

Non Resident License Fees Approximately for 2011

Deer Stamp: $145.00 Canadian
Bear Stamp: $132.00 Canadian
Small Game Stamp: $67.00 Canadian
Primitive Stamp: $15.00 Canadian
Wildlife Habitat Stamp: $5.00 Canadian
Migratory Habitat Stamp: $17.00 Canadian

All license fees payed upon arrival.

A Non-Resident Firearms Declaration form must also be presented in triplicate and signed in front of a Customs Officer along with a $25.00 (Canadian funds) fee.

CLICK HERE to download the form.
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The form is in PDF format and may be filled out and printed online.

Hunting Weapons:

No fully automatic weapons or rifles under .23 caliber are allowed.
No fully automatic shotguns or Handguns are permitted for hunting in Nova Scotia.
Bow/Crossbow and black powder are also welcome.
No lead shot permitted for upland or waterfowl.

Fishing Equipment:

All boats, life jackets along with some light spincast and fly fishing gear and bug jackets will be provided.

Taking Care of your Game:

We will quarter, cool or freeze you big game animal. We also will clean, cool, or freeze your waterfowl, upland, rabbit or snowshoe hare or fish for your trip home.

Meat and trophies may be taken home by truck or car or as extra baggage by air.

Your License will serve as your Export Permit.


The law states that while hunting for whitetail or upland birds in Nova Scotia, hunters orange must be worn at all times while hunting. A hunters orange hat, vest, or coat is required.

For waterfowl or bear hunting full camouflage is permitted, also during early bow season orange camouflage is permitted.

Once you have booked your trip with us we will send you a more detailed information sheet on clothing and equipment needed for the specific trip you have chosen.

If you have any other questions please contact us.