Hunting & Fishing

We offer the following Hunting/Fishing services.
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Bear Hunting

Bear hunting in Nova Scotia has had some amazing percentages of success due to the vast number of bears in recent years. The bears on average dressed weights run from 200-500 lbs, with a high percentage of bears taken with a 19″+ skull.

Deer Hunting

The whitetail deer is the principal big game hunted in Nova Scotia. Our whitetail deer are big bodied with dressed weights that may run from 180-260 lbs with heads scoring in the average of 120’s to 130’s. Several Boone and Crocket deer are taken each year.

Moose Hunting

Our Moose hunting trips in Nova Scotia are on Cape Breton Island. Most mature Moose on average weight are 800 – 1200 lbs with antler spreads 40″ to the high 70″ range.  Several Boone and Crocket Moose are taken every year.

Waterfowl Hunting

We have some of the best waterfowl hunting in Nova Scotia for Canada Geese and Ducks.

Upland Bird Hunting

A variety of upland birds are hunted in Nova Scotia. Most common are: Ruffled Grouse, Wilson Snipe, Woodcock and Wild Ringneck Pheasants.

Rabbit/Snowshoe Hare

Nothing beats the baying of a beagle on a winters day here in Nova Scotia.

Trout Fishing

We fish for Speckle and Brown Trout. The speckle trout will average in size up to 2 lbs. where as our Brown Trout range in size up to 5 lbs. For Speckle and Brown Trout we fish mainly rivers and steams for sea run Trout and mainly lakes for native trout.

Starting 2015, ice fishing will also be available on designated lakes in our area.