Trout/Chain Pickerel/Ice Fishing

newfishproWe fish for Speckle and Brown Trout. The speckle trout will average in size up to 2 lbs. where as our Brown Trout range in size up to 5 lbs. For Speckle and Brown Trout we fish mainly rivers and steams for sea run Trout and mainly lakes for native trout.

For both Speckle and Brown Trout the fishing season starts the first of April to the end of September. However Speckle Trout are catch and release only, in the month of September. Speckle and Brown Trout are fished with light spin cast gear or fly rod. Brown Trout fishing is best done in the late evening and after dark.

Chain pickerel are found in local lakes. They can range in size from 1-3 pounds and 16-28 inches in length. Pickerel are fished light spin cast gear, live bait/jigs or lures with steel leaders. The season for pickerel is from the first of April until to the end of September.

During the regular fishing season boats, life jackets, some rods, light tackle and bait will be provided.  In the ice fishing season auger, snow huts, some rods, light tackle and bait will be provided.

Starting 2015, ice fishing will also be available on designated lakes in our area.

Ice Fishing on designated lakes in our area begins the first of January to the end of March (ice permitting).